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  • Charles L Robinson Jr.

The Size of God In Us, not Around Us

ECP family, welcome to our 1/9/23 weekly devotion (Weeklies) originate by Charles L. Robinson Jr. of Edifying Christian Publications. This is our first devotion for the year 2023 transitioned from the year 2022. In previous communication within our ECP Community, by the grace and ability of God, we shared (in 2022) many spiritual victories-blessings amongst perilous times (refer to our December, 2022 Periodical newsletter within ECP Community.) Now, moving into the year 2023 together, we have become (by purpose) a more measurable spiritual family meaning there are greater known specifics about our ECP family. In specificity, we know each other by name(s) for greater relational purposes with a caveat that identifies our ECP family size currently less than ten people (a now known identified condition.) The doors of ECP family are open to everyone and whoever signs up to join our ECP family at identifies the acceptance of our invitation. God has encouraged me personally as the overseer of ECP and I in return encourage you all (we as a family) to not be consumed with things (such as small beginnings, etc.) to tempt discouragement and distract us from God being pleased with us and the great things he (God) has and will continue to do for us - believed by faith such as: Identifying each ECP follower by name to build greater relationships; continuous edifications; closer relationships with Christ; and being helpers to one another, day by day, week by week, month by month, and year by year. Therefore, be not discouraged, I have been an eyewitness regarding tempt to distract identified condition(s) such as: In specific, people of God change (a identified condition) in the midst of God not changing in the midst of the changed condition. For example, people of God fellowship in large settings, then a smaller setting (known identified condition) creates a distraction to those conditioned to larger settings (simply due to size of fellowship now smaller), and God's is pleased and his presence is in the small setting-condition just as his presence is in the large setting-condition. Again, I encourage our ECP family to not be consumed with tempt to distract (such as small beginnings) and remain consumed with God being pleased with us enduring as a spiritual family in Christ Jesus that he (God) established. Our measurable blessing (small beginnings) is not a distractor rather than an indicator of gratefulness and hope. ECP family, "God is with us and has our back" as a Christian family within the one body of Christ is not a mere cliche. He left behind one of many recorded historical events (propositional in the New Testament and Old Testament) to remind us of the fact that it is not a mere cliche. Let us look at what the Holy Bible says about tempt of distract (things-conditions) while God is actually doing a great thing.

God speaks to two different people (Zerubbabel and the Apostle Paul) within two different dispensations (Law and Grace) to two different audiences (Israel and the Christian Church) regarding the biblical principle of condition(s) that tempt to distract amongst God doing great things. God was (and still is) in the "I'm pleased with you and will do great things for you business" while people of God were (and still are) facing tempt to distract such as: less in size and grandeur; opposition; despite; despair; deride; contempt; hatred; lawlessness; and stereotype of age. However, in midst of the shadows of dark tempt to distract, God's light exemplified through a lampstand and people which did, still does, and will continue illustrated by leaders such as and liken to Zerubbabel and the Apostle Paul. They herald God's encouragements to God's people (by the grace and ability of God) such as: fellowship can and does continue to build; Spiritual conditions out weigh physical conditions; God's good works that he started, he will finish; Regenerated fellowship appears and reminds people of God of who they have become in God and not reminded who they use to be out of God; People of God are not to despise and remain encouraged that God being please with them is greater than the tempt of distract; People that oppose the works of God have the same opportunity to learn and share the presence of God just as the people of God if they choose, God is no respector of persons.

ECP family, as we move into this year of 2023 together, remember to not be consumed with things tempt to distract (especially our small beginnings) and remain mindful of the great things that God is and will continue to do for us such as getting to know each other greater; growing in Christ together; exercising our spiritual gifts amongst each other; supping in edifications together; and being helpers to one another. It's the size of God in us and not around us.

The supporting scriptures for the heartbeat of this 1/9/23 weekly devotion (Weeklies) can be viewed at Zechariah 4:10; 1 Timothy 4:12; Philippians 1:6; and Ephesians 5:6-9. I encourage you to take out time this week and study the supporting pericopes and surround texts.

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