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  • Charles L Robinson Jr.

8/10/23 Weekly Devotion: "Mr. Time" originated by Charles L. Robinson Jr.

ECP follwers, walk with me (Charles L. Robinsion Jr.) through this ECP weekly devotion as we meet "Mr. Time". We will examine supportive content turn by turn learning and nearing his (Mr. Time's) personage liken as an emissary for your edification and God's glory. I hope you enjoy our walk.

First and foremost, it's imperative that you grab a sound biblical belief (sound doctrinal interpretation) regarding the concept of time being liken to a person-emissary. Where do you look for the existence of this concept? In examining literary criticism purposed for rightly divided understsanding while keeping in mind the simplicity of scripture(s) defined as holy authoritative collection of writings. Whats next? Three components connected to scripture(s) that helps solidify this concept: 1) divinity of comparison within scripture - literary structure using juxaposition in similarities meaning side by side comparisons consisting of similarities used as a means to illuminate and articulate biblical proposition 2) divinity of various terminologies within scripture - forms such as figurative form (writings metaphorically representing likeness); symbolic form (writings characterized by symbols); and literal form

(writings in exact accordance to primary biblical meaning), and 3) uncompromising biblical proposition - maintenance of original God-inspired principles within writings.

How does this make sense to your lives? Look at time (Mr. Time) in comparison to Mrs. Wisdom (her identified as wisdom in scripture) and Mrs. Patience (her identified as patience in scripture) which all represent the similarity of God's mission to execute his (God's) plan. Relevantly, it illustrates the divinity within comparison (time compared to personage), divinity within figurative form (various gender usage), while not compromising biblical proposition. This challenges you to look at time not only in the sense of reckoning, computations, climatic seasons, atmospheric appearences, history, and culture but now as a person- emissary. Why? Just as other God inspired articulations, viewing time as a person helps increase your connectivity to divine purpose(s.) This helps to greater extract kairos meaning it illuminates deeper meaning to you regarding time as divinely appointed to carry out God's will (all supported through dispensations.) Supportive, oikonomia revals the theological administration(s), regulation(s), and plan(s).

Textually, the Apostle Paul in 1 Corinthians 15:8 doesn't use figurative terminologies in gender regarding the value of time such as Luke 7:35 and James 1:4 uses figurative teminologies in respect to their divine propositions. However, Paul possessed deep insight and close connectivity to the spiritual identity of and divinity within time. Time had to be viewed liken to a dear personal friend to the Apostle Paul just like wisdom was a personal dear friend to Luke and patience-endurance was a personal dear friend to James. Divinely, time confirmed Paul's divine calling and divine apostleship through his birth out of due time in the midst of his awkward and questioning circumstances regarding his apostleship and calling. Again, restated for emphasis, Paul's deep insight and close connectivity to the spiritual identity of and divinity within time confirmed his birth out of due time which solified his apostleship and calling over other questioning factors. In other words, "Mr. Time's" voice (the voice of truth within kairos) prevailed over other voices regarding his apostleship and calling (an uncompromising biblical proposition.)

Lastly, ECP followers, I strongly encourage you to image time as a person-emissary (gender- as Mr. Time) that God sends you liken to Paul for time, Luke for wisdom, and James for patience-endurance. Take on this gender thought as sound mentality (sound doctrine.) The core intent of this message is to illustrate sufficient content to build a case purposed to solify your belief regarding this concept. Why? The various (stated above) within this concept should greater open the scriptures for your understanding and confirmation regarding God's plan for your lives in regards to time. It should deepen the meaning of time as divinely appointed to carry out God's plan through your lives and fulfillment of God's will (kairos.).I hope for your deeper insight(s) and closer connectivities to the spirituality of time. God bless you and your families.

"And last of all he was seen of me also, as one born out of due time" 1 Corinthians 15:8

"But wisdom is justified of all HER children" Luke 7:35

"But let patience have HER perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting for nothing" James 1:4

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