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  • Charles L Robinson Jr.

7/24/23 Weekly Devotion - " Spiritual covering for spiritual maturation" by Charles L. Robinson Jr.

Hello, ECP Followers, I deliberate through this 7/24/23 weekly devotion scoping your maturation in Christ (understanding, obedience, and love.) As a spiritual covering for proceeding maturation in Christ, there are several biblical principles that God inspires (for you) regarding the preservation of your spiritual maturation. This devotion, its supportive biblical text, and focused scriptures does not serve as a comprehensive but fragmented list of biblical principles identifying valid essentials with additional principles hounded within the given biblical text and beyond. My hope is that your short look (glimpse) or careful examination (study) pertaining this devotion and its subject ignites your faith senses.

A true heart for ministry; a true heart of humility; and a true heart for others are three piggybacking- identified principles of several essentials I exhort you to remain mindful of throughout your faith maturation. Firstly, while spiritually maturing, keep in mind that it is one issue to be and perform your desires in ministry and it is another issue to be and perform God's desires for you in ministry ( the hope is that both match.) Being and performing God's desires illustrates your true heart for ministry (i.e. - you possessing a heart after God's own heart.) Keep in mind that the Apostle Paul remained who God specifically desired him to be, a steward of the gospel of Jesus Christ. The Apostle Paul remained God's course in the midst of hinderings. (Romans 15:22-24) A true heart for ministry helps keep you on God's course within ministry (being and doing God's desire) which is an reflection of faith maturation.

Secondly, throughout remaining on God's course in maturation, the importance of maintaining a heart of humility is essential. Remain conscious of the loving reminders God speaks to you regarding your need for humility. The Apostle Paul had a phenomenal spiritual resume: he planted several churches; he mentored many followers; he gained divine revelation defined as "abundance of revelation"; and so forth. In the midst of his personal faith maturation, God desired him to remain low-minded and willing to share the faith graces given unto him such as faith understandings and knowledge. His ungrudging willingness to leave settings of abundance in faith to impart spiritual understandings and knowledge in settings of lack in faith is one of many examples that illustrated his humility. ( Romans 15:20-21) Another reflection of the preservation of his faith maturation.

Thirdly, while remainng conscious of maintainng a true heart for ministry and of humility, remain minful of the needs of others (a heart for others.) While the Apostle Paul illustrated the heart and willingness to commune with various faith settings, he saw the specific needs within the specific faith settings. For example, the Apostle Paul did not use his faith maturation as a weapon to prey on the weak rather he beared the infirmities of the weak. He saw the need to strengthen, to impart understanding, and to impart knowledge which was impossible to genuinely perform without a true heart for ministry - a heart after God's own heart. (Romans 15:1)

ECP followers, I believe for your continued faith maturation and sound stewardship within it. A true heart for ministry; a true heart of humility; and a true heart for others are merely some reminders biblically supported. Yes, the Apostle Paul planted several churches; mentored many followers; and possesed an abundance of divine revelation but his true heart for ministry; his true heart of humility; and his true heart for others preserved the former. I encourage you to spend more time this week (or whenever you have the time) within the given text of this devotion (identified below) and biblical text beyond to discover additional principles presenting welfare for the preservation of your faith maturation. Have an amazing week. I look forward to grace allowing us to fellowship next week. God bless you and your families.

Given Text:

Romans 15

Focused Scriptures:

"For which cause also I have been much hindered from coming to you. But now having no more place in these parts, and having a great desire these many years to come unto you; Whensoever I take my journey into Spain, I will come to you: for I trust to see you in my journey, and to be brought unto my way thitherward by you, if first I be somewhat filled with your company". Romans 15:22-24

"Yea, so I have strived to preach the gospel, not where Christ was named, lest I should build upon another man's foundation: But it is written, To whom he was not spoken of, they shall see; and they that have not heard shall understand". Romans 15:20-21

"We then are strong ought to bear the infirmities of the weak, and not to please ourselves". Romans 15:1


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