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  • Charles L Robinson Jr.

ECP Periodical: Quarterly Newsletter

Facts confirm works

The existence of societal debauch in relation to the solution of the atoning work of Jesus Christ within its own identity teaches the sober fact of continuous and increased laborers for Christ are in demand. Modern day seduction (seducing spirits) attempt to wander the need and justification of laborers for Christ. (1) Older writings impart truth for this current dilemma. Spoken in the spirit of love and hope: There's work yet to be done for Christ, work to the extent that indefinite works are inadequate. (2,3)


The year 2022 nears an end with a resume of ECP's humble success consisting of encouragement, development, challenge, endurance, and faithfulness (to God be the glory.) Happenings occurred for the good. Challenged yet faithful, followers of Christ exemplified dependency on Christ and faith in Christ - recognized through ECP social media views and comments and website statistics. (4) Grace spoke amazement to leaders, co-laborers, and followers. God's power and light prevailed in 2022 in the midst of perilous times. (5) Thank God for Jesus.


The upcoming year of 2023 presents continuous fun. New means of communication for ECP followers bring excitement through "Groups". The capture of broad viewpoints on certain topic(s) including each ECP follower's ability to impart his or her viewpoints expands insights through "Forums". Acknowledging and sharing personal interests of outings-events with the hope of physically gathering in Christ imparts upcoming exhortations-edifications in "Outings". These new and upcoming exertions accompany the existing weekly devotions (Weeklies); New or refreshed leisure biblical learnings (Norlbl); and quarterly newsletters (Periodical.) Look forward to our equipping and better knowing each other. (6)

Honest and Lovely Meditations

Who is the Son of God? Joseph, Jesus, John the Baptist, or Moses (7)

Do devils know that Jesus is the Son of God? Yes or No (8)

Was Jesus incarnation of God? Yes or No (9)

Is there only one mediator between man and God? Yes or No If so, who is the one mediator? (10)

Is salvation by works or faith? (11)


1) 1 Timothy 4:1 2) Luke 10:2 3) Matthew 24:14 4) Philippians 4:13 5) 2 Timothy 3:1 6) (upcoming revisions in 2023) 7) Jesus - Matthew 3:16-17 8) Yes - Luke 8:27-28 9) Yes - 1 John 4:3 10) Yes, Jesus - 1 Timothy 2:5 11) Faith - Ephesians 2:8-9

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