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  • Charles L Robinson Jr.

7/17/23 ECP Periodical: Quarterly Newsletter from the desk of Charles L. Robinson Jr.

This past quarter, we (me - Charles L. Robinson Jr. and my one person co-laborer - Kitty) have remained faithful to you as Edifying Christian Publications (ECP) followers. We have not been distracted by other divine assignments. I have remained leading us (the ECP family) with the focus of the Spirit of God being enough. In other words, irrelevant of the assignments at hand, if God has said write it or speak it then I have written it or spoke it. Please know that I have not been or currently am not consumed with the "creativity movement" or "expected measure of homiletics, hermeneutics, and exegesis movement" that is dominating in widespread spiritual - church circles. In other words, I have not been and I am currently not consumed with "keeping up" with what other believers in God are saying or doing in their perspective circles. My concern-consumption has been and will continue to be simply a focus on what God has called me to do for you as a group of believers (ECP followers) within the one family of Christ that consist of millions of belivers. I have learned by experiencing other ministries being overly consumed with other ministries that have created great distractions. Ministries can definitely learn from, build up, and encourage other ministries. However, ministries being overly consumed with other ministries have caused ministries to neglect hearing from God regarding the stewardship of their home ministries. I believe that we live in a day whereby some leaders in ministry are too consumed with gifts of others which has created a distraction from them praying and seeking revelation for themselves. With that being said, I have remained consistent with proclamations of some sort (written or video) each week originated by me from hearing from God myself for your (ECP followers) edifications. Your responses have identified that my focused decisions regarding writings and videos have been relevent, applicable, and helpful (fruitful.) I will continue to keep the Spirit of God and his inpsired word - the Holy Bible my ultimate guide for your edifications.

Moving into this new quarter of the year, you can continue to expect at least one publication- proclamation of some sort (written or video) each week for your spiritual exhortations. The one publication - proclamation presented to you each week will have extractions to ponder upon and study for the remaining week until a new publication - proclamation is presented to you. It trains you that you can get a lot (of revelation) from a little and not be blinded that you need a lot (of revalation) to get a lot which helps you greater in dealing with text. Always know that I am working for the Lord Jesus Christ and you as ECP followers tirelessly behind the scenes (currently through an upcoming published book.) In the near future, look for notifications regarding applications to apply for accountability partner(s) and/or launch team member(s ) from me to you regarding my upcoming authored book. I encourage you to continue to respond with comments. Remember, the more you respond specifically "with written words" the greater I can discern spiritual dispositions which ultimately keeps our spiritual relationships appropriately regulated. In other words, the more you respond to me specifically "with written words", I can greater meet you where you currently are spiritually and greater spiritually accomodate where you spiritually expect to go - grow. Thank God for his spirit, the Holy Spirit speaks to me about you even when you do not speak (do not respond to me), however, the more you speak to me (through social media comments; emails; contact form; and phone which is all provided at ), the more informative our relationship becomes which potentially greater grows us. So, please talk to me. Remember, God does not give you the spirit of fear, but power, love, and a sound mind. Remember, nothing can seperate us from the love of God.

I hope this letter has acheived it's goal of making you (ECP family) clearly aware of my, Charles L. Robinson Jr's, spiritual intent(s) toward you as your leader of Edifying Christian Publications (ECP.) It has been an honor this past quarter of the year to continue to serve the Lord Jesus Christ for his (Christ's) and your (ECP Followers) welfare. I'm believing for our this quarter (of the year) awesome spiritual relationships. God bless you and your families!

Charles L. Robinson Jr.


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