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  • Charles L Robinson Jr.

ECP Newsletter: The Periodical - 10/19/23 issue#4


The name "Put on your seat belts" was coined by an elderly group due to its respectful yet immoderate conversation consisting of past and current events, and nearly everything else "under the sun". The spunky elders forgathered occasionally for the purpose of social rendezvuous. Distinctively, there was one couple that revealed conspicuous contentment among the group and its intermixture of conversations. Wonder, liken to a malignant tumor, grew amongst the other elders pertainng their counterpart's contentment. After enigmatic contempaltion, the other elders diagnosed the one couple's contentment "caused by love and support of family" embracing their own (the other elders) lack of love and support from their family comparable to the one couple's. By an act of God, a dear friend of the one couple visited the group with the one couple four weeks later. While conversing, the other elders mentioned to the friend how blessed the one couple was being that their (the one couple's) family clothed them with support and love. The spiritual climate shifted and prompted a ministering moment: the friend, giggling from amazement of the group responded with gravity - "the love and support of family has majorly impacted the one couple. However, just as impactful, understand that the one couple's family has challenges such as all families. In their (the one couple's) converstaions-prayers with the one true God through Christ Jesus "above the sun", the one couple has learned that "to love" and not only "being loved" has preserved-kept them looking and believing for the best in all circumstances and content". By Charles L. Robinson Jr.

The moral of the story is whether the various intermixtures (here the one couples's love and support of family; the spiritual - Christ minded friend of the one couple; and the other elders with lesser love and support from family), contentment is availble through prayer and looking and believing for the best in all circumstances exists in divine love. (1)


God's presence, sovereignty, and truth is mediated through happenings on the earth influenced by the spiritual realm and its inhabitants. The praise report is that amid of generational developments, God's presence, sovereignty, and truth remains liberated and prominent. This opportunes gain of spiritual knowledge and proper perspective regarding occurrences on the earth. A view of primeval history within the Old Testament leading to the New Testament serves as an appropriate scope to identify the creator, his creation (the universe and man), and spiritual implications of this phenomenon. Primeval history begins with "in the beginning", "the source", and "the origin" correlating the book of Genesis consisting of toledoth (the ten sections of the book of Genesis.) The first section (Genesis1-2:4a) includes Genesis 1:1 which expresses origin( looking back at the preadamite age and forward restoration) of the earth and its relationship to the spiritual realm. This author (Charles L. Robinson Jr.) believes Zondervan's articulates sufficient and transparent expository pertaining to foundational understanding of the earth and its influence by another realm (spirit.)

Zondervan's voice:

"Genesis 1:1 embraces the God oriented universe of the sun, moon, planets, and earth with the abode of God above and sheol below. The hebrew word for "world" refers to the earth itself, or formed for and inhabitated by man. Greek kosmos refers to the order of arrangement through disorder by sin of all, except God. This includes angels, spiritual principalities, powers, men, beast, earth, and heavenly bodies. In the New Testament, kosmos commonly refers to man and his affairs - evil against the kingdom of God.

Theology regarding division of three (trichotomy) - man's body, spirit, and soul denotes the spirit as non-material ego in special relationship. The self is generally called "spirit" in contexts where bodily, emotional, and intellegence aspects are not prominent but the direct relationship of the individual to God is of emphasis".

Charles L. Robinson Jr's voice:

"In other words, its essential to not allow flesh, emotions, and human-secular knowledge in relationship to earth's events dominate perspectives regarding happenings on the earth. It should be one's personal relationship with God (through Christ Jesus) and his (God's) knowledge and graces that dominate perspectives regarding happenings on the earth. Spiritual things are spiritually taught-discerned and things (happenings) on the earth are ifluenced by spirits".

This proposition includes the New Testament comprising of four gospels, one book's primary focus on the rise of the early church, twenty-one letters, and a book of prophecy. All twenty-seven New Testament recordings illustrate fulfillment of the Old Testament. The follwing are historical circumstances affirmed by scripture (for relevance) that helps solidify mental contemplations to "What's happening on the earth?" subjected by another realm - spirit realm:

- Different spirits actually exist above and beneath the earth. (2)

- The Holy Spirit influences goodness (the character of God) in man on the earth. (3)

- Unclean spirits influence evil (not the character of God) in man on the earth. (4)

- Evil's origin entered the earth by possessing one man. (5)

- Evil spirits desire to influence evil by taking over the goodness of the Holy Spirit from man on the earth. (6)

- Man on the earth inwardly struggled (and still does) between good and evil due to spirits influence that are masters separate of man. (7)

- The struggle between good and evil on the earth has not been (and still is not) between good and evil of man. The fight, the struggle, has been (and still is) between spirits in the spiritual realm that influences man on the earth and other circumstances on the earth. (8)

- The actual unclean spirit, as a master of a man on the earth, spoke directly to Jesus. Jesus spoke directly to the unclean spirit in the man on the earth before he casts the unclean spirit out of the man. (9)

- Demas forsook Paul. Demas abandonment represented him under the influence of a different realm (unlike the character of God) while in the physical presence of Paul on the earth. However, Paul remained under the influence of the Holy Spirit - kingdom of God while in the presence of Demas on the earth. (10)

- Divine revelation functioning through man on the earth is now revealed and influencing man in consideration of it (divine revealation) was ordained from a world "before the ages". (11)

Retracting to the statement of theology of body -soul - spirit, it's important to remain in the spirit and spiritual minded - Christ minded inorder to understand the episods, events, happenings, and occurrences on the earth. Why? because they ( the happenings) are influenced by spirits and spirits desire a vehicle called "man" to drive activities on the earth.


Edifying Chrisitan Publication update:

- Growth of followers

- Growth in egagement of publications

- Favorable reception in additional geographical areas.


(1) 1 Cor 13:7; Psalms 145:20 (2) Phil 2:10; Rev 3,13 (3) Gal 5:22 (4) Mrk 5:1-2

(5) Rm 5:12 (6) Gal 5:17 (7) Rm 7:9-25 (8) Eph 6:10-12 (9) Mt 8:31-32

(10) 2 Tim 4:10 (11) 1 Cor 2:7-8

* Please share this ECP Newsletter with others. The Holy Spirit influenced me to write this newsletter to help you in some manner. The Holy Spirit desires other to be helped and you can be that vehicle to help others by sharing. God bless you and your families!

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