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Hello, I’m

Charles L. Robinson Jr.


Charles L. Robinson Jr.
Charles L. Robinson Jr.
Charles L. Robinson Jr.


Authored By Charles L. Robinson Jr.

A short non-fiction of enlightenment, transformation, and glorification.

Charles L. Robinson Jr.

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About Me

Hello, I am Charles L. Robinson Jr., author and licensed minister with credit hours towards my Masters in Divinity (and Bachelor's Degree in Business). Over the years, my serving capacity in ministry has been as an Adult bible study teacher; Adult Sunday school teacher; Children ministry teacher; Men's ministry leader;  Hospitality ministry member; Choir member; Outreach-evangelist; Assistant to pastor; and Pastor.

I'm the son of Charles L. Robinson Sr. and Joan A. Robinson. The dad of two sons (Charles "Chuckie" L. Robinson III and Caleb C. Robinson) and three daughters (Aireale Marbury-Driver, Adrian Omenyinma, and Maya Robinson) with seven grandchildren. I enjoy reading, movies, jogging, sports (Chuckie Robinson III baseball fan - Charlotte Knights and Caleb Robinson football fan - Mckendree University) and Church (visit various church congregations, not a member at any church.)  


Currently, I am ministering through authoring Christian faith based books and devotions. It's an honor to serve both the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and you through Edifying Christian Publications (as founder, owner, and author).


My hope is that reading my books and devotions bring you edification and transformation while developing your closer personal relationship with the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. God bless you and your families!

Charles L. Robinson Jr.
Charles L. Robinson Jr.



P.O. Box 303 Danville IL, 61832



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